Lim Ruger Trial Team Stomps Forger, Defeats $21.6 Million ClaimLim, Ruger and Kim | Lim, Ruger and Kim

April 17th, 2013

Representing a large international food products company, the Lim Ruger trial team of partners Lisa Yang and Bryan Sheldon defeated a $21.6 million claim and obtained an award of $448,000 on the client’s cross-claim.  The client had successfully purchased some coffee and creamer products through a Los Angeles based supplier and had ordered additional instant coffee through the supplier.  When the firm’s client rejected the instant coffee offered by the supplier due to poor quality, the supplier sued to enforce the contract and claimed that the firm’s client had also entered into several other multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts for coffee and creamer products.  The Lim Ruger team proved that numerous “contracts” relied on by the plaintiff were forged, including one that purportedly gave plaintiff the right to use the famous “Juan Valdez” Colombian Coffee logo.  Witnesses from Asia, Mexico, Colombia and both coasts of the US were called to testify in three different languages. The Lim Ruger team put on experts on questioned documents and computer forensics, who used ink analysis and metadata from emails and attachments prove that the signatures on the subject contracts were not transmitted as plaintiff claimed.  After a two week binding arbitration trial, the arbitrator found entirely for the firm’s client.  The arbitrator ruled that the instant coffee was properly rejected for poor quality.  He acknowledged the proven forgeries and found that other alleged contracts in suit were not valid or enforceable against Lim Ruger’s client.  The arbitrator also awarded the full amount of the client’s cross-complaint for a refund of money paid for creamer products that were never shipped.

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