Lim Ruger Defeats Class Action Against HospitalLim, Ruger and Kim | Lim, Ruger and Kim

October 28th, 2008

Lim Ruger successfully represented Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in a putative class action challenging medical service prices charged to uninsured patients.  A patient who received medical services from the hospital filed suit under California’s unfair competition law, the Consumer Legal Remedies Action, and various contract and quasi-contract theories.  She alleged that the price she was billed was higher than the rate paid by the government under Medicare and Medicaid, as well as the prices negotiated by private insurers when they guarantee payment to the hospital.  Lim Ruger demurred to the complaint on multiple grounds.  When the court indicated in its tentative ruling that the demurrer would be sustained without leave to amend, the plaintiff agreed to dismiss her complaint with prejudice without any payment from the hospital.

Lim Ruger has substantial experience handling class action litigation, both as class counsel and representing defendants.  Bruce Iwasaki served as counsel for the hospital.

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